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About Us

Next Gen Photo Booths is a company that has many years of industry experience. We have been in the photo booth space for almost 5 years now and we quite recently made the switch from print on demand to full digital photo booths.


Why? Because we noticed two main things:
1. Most photo strips go missing after 24/48 hours or get left in a drawer and forgotten about.
2. Most people end up taking a photo of their photo strip via their smartphone and upload it to social media. #truthhurts


When we started our other company back in 2014 (which is now under new management), it was with the goal of building the best photo booths. In 2019, the print photo booth is like a news paper whereas today our digital photo booths have dozens of new features just like our smart phones.


At NGPB, we not only design and manufacture our own photo booths, we also have our own unique software. Our photo booths are super easy to use, different, fun and are fully automated.


The standard photo booths do the basic printing of colour photos, black/white and maybe a video option. With our new software, you wouldn’t believe the fun and experience that is available to you right now. For more information, please click here

Superior quality image

We take a superior quality image and we want to offer the best leaves of support to our customers from highly advanced machines. Even though the technology is incredibly advanced in our photo booths, we also produce menus and user interfaces that are extremely adaptive. The goal is o make the process of using our photo booths as simple as any other app we are use to on our smartphones.

Digital options for image customisation

As well as offering excellent digital options for image customisations, it’s our goal to offer the best in props so that our customers can get creative during their photo sessions. In our main warehouse today we have access to thousands of dollars’ worth of props that are each designed for specific types of events. We can bring a wide selection of props to your next event ensuring you have many options for custom touches with your photo shoot.

Whether you are looking for a GIF Booth for your wedding, a corporate conference or a small private party, we want to offer the same level of personal and hands-on experience that we would offer any client. We strive to offer you the best in Photo Booth/GIF booth services in Melbourne and the surrounding area.

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Our Unique Approach

We feel strongly that a Photo Booth can add a unique approach to any event. We take pride in being there early and setting up each of our Photo Booth according to the event organisers wishes. We want to make sure that our GIF Booth is set up according to the lighting at your event and with your branding options available. We can coordinate with our customers on the subject of social sharing, logo branding and more.

As part of our service we are constantly upgrading the quality of photo booth that we have on offer for our clients. This means constantly assessing our technology so that we can offer a superior quality of image or more digital options for our customers.

Photo Booth

What a Photo Booth can bring to an event today is the option for a user to share branded content that’s perfect for posting to social media. The GIF Booth helps to control lighting and create a fun environment where you can create lasting memories during your next event. The social presence that you can create with one of these Photo Booths could have you eliminating professional photographers entirely.

If you are interested in getting a Photo Booth for your next event in Melbourne you should strongly consider contacting our services today. We can offer a wide range of Photo Booth services that can suit the needs of almost any type of party or event. We handle the full set up and tear down and we regularly update our equipment to offer the best to our customers and the newest props. Ordering a Photo Booth service with us is different every time and we want to help your creativity come to life as well as get your event trending.




We strive to offer you the best in Photo Booth/GIF booth services in Melbourne and the surrounding area.