Gif Booths FAQ

GIF Booths are really taking off as a direct alternative to a traditional photo booth. A GIF can retrain much more emotion than a traditional photo booth. These types of files can be played forwards or backwards like an animated flipbook, they can be shared directly to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, emailed or SMSed to yourself or a friend instantly and they are a wonderful way to get a unique and branded presentation during an event.

What is a GIF?

GIF stands for graphics interchange format and some of the earliest versions of these files were found in the 1990s with the popularity of the Netscape Navigator. Today, GIFs have come a long way in sharing content all over the Internet in short animated files.

Will people use a booth like this?

A GIF booth offers an amazing level of engagement. Our on-site operator can show you just how to use the machine and make sure that your guests can have a wonderful experience during their time in the booth.

What is a boomerang GIF?

Boomerang GIFs are a burst of roughly 20 photos. They can make a 2 second GIF that will play backwards or forwards.

What is the difference between a photo booth and a GIF booth?

A regular Photo Booth will take 3 photos and print them out into a photo strip. GIF booths will take a relatively quick burst of photos and turn them into looping clips that are 2 to 3 seconds long. You can add digital facial recognition props and/or filters too! Then these clips can be saved or shared to social media or over a phone quickly.

What is a standard GIF?

Standard GIFs are made up of three individual photos that are put together to build a quick animation

Can a GIF booth print photos?

GIF booths in their standard format do not print photos.

Can GIF files be branded?

We can add brands or logos as an overlay to any image produced by the GIF booth.

How do GIFs get shared?

Once a guest makes a GIF they can have the option to share the GIF through their phone or SMS. At that time, you can open up a Microsite and then view the GIF with a button to share it to networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.