Do you own a restaurant, a bar or maybe a retail store? Are you launching a new product, or celebrating a milestone event? Maybe you want to add something fun and interactive for your customers that will ultimately bring in more revenue for your business?

With our unique software, it can take priceless snapshots from your venue that is tailored to any sort of theme. These photos & boomerangs can be shared online via social media instantly, so you can have a greater reach of brand awareness. TO ADD TO THAT, what if we also collected any information that is important to you along the way such as – contact details, survey questions, customer feedback, multiple choice options, any type of data you need for future marketing purposes, competitions or whatever it maybe.

Would that help your business entertainment wise and also with its online growth at the same time?


We have something that will help all businesses with more fun and revenue today. To see if your business qualifies for a free trial, click below.